Sunday, October 12, 2008

Welcome to Deer Path Vintage

Hello and welcome! This will be the place where I'll talk about my vintage finds and share any info I come across about all things vintage. I dearly love American Pottery from the 20s to the 50s, but I'm thrilled to find any kind of wonderful pottery, ceramics and glass. I love vintage clothing, too, as well as dolls and toys and souvenirs and ephemera, and. . . okay, yes, I love it all.

I have a store on where everything is at least 20 years old or more. I must admit I have a hard time thinking of anything from 1988 as "vintage", but that's where Etsy draws the line, and because of that, I often will, too. But most of my things are much older. Some have been weeded from my own collections, and some have come from antique stores, thrift stores and garage sales.

I live in a small cottage in the north woods, and I just can't keep it all--as much as I would like to! Small spaces and pack rats just don't mix. I swear I'm just going to look every time I go through the doors of those places, but somehow there are always things I just can't leave behind. So now I'm finding that I love being a seller. Researching my finds and writing the descriptions is just so much fun! And meeting new people, if only through emails and convos, is simply icing on the cake.

So please feel free to comme
nt on anything on these pages. I would love to hear from you.


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  1. Deer Path Vintage - Finally, had some time to sit down at the computer and find your blog. I really like it. Love the pics of dolls and it's really informative. I'll try to follow it!
    J. from Ramona's Clutter