Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Snowbird brings winter with her!

Alas, my shop, Deer Path Vintage, is feeling a little empty now. That's because I've flown the Up North coop and migrated south for the winter with the rest of the opposed-to-the-cold birds. I couldn't bring my entire shop with me, but I didn't want to close it up entirely, so I've had to limit what is on the shelves right now. I'll be back up north right after Easter, and I'll be putting many items back--besides adding some new old things.
I do love this creamer and sugar set. Homer Laughlin, of course, and anyone who knows me knows how I love HL. I just don't have room for everything any more, or I would keep it, for sure.

Homer Laughlin for Cunningham Pickett, "Cardinal" design

I love these Poole Pottery dishes, too. They're hand painted and each piece is slightly different. I have two dessert dishes and two dessert bowls and I really love the look and feel of them. Poole is as British as Homer Laughlin is American. Vive La Difference!
Poole Pottery "Constellation" pattern - 1952-55

But let me get back to explaining my title. We came south for some warmth, but I think we brought the cold with us. Everywhere we go, the locals are complaining about the weather--record cold this year, and even three inches of snow one day! I keep my mouth shut. I don't want to tell them that it may have been us.

The local kids got the day off, and some of them had never seen that much snow before. They had to hurry up and build their snowpeople before it melted. Which of course it did by the end of the day.

Snow on the palms 1-13-10

A rare South Carolina beach scene

I've been wandering around the thrift and antique shops here and I'm really pretty astonished at the prices people put on their things. I can understand that times are tight and they want to make a profit, but I have to bite my tongue whenever I reach for a tag that reads three to five times the actual worth. A little research would save them from having to live with those pieces from here to eternity!



  1. Hi Mona, I am also from South Carolina. I see those same hilarious prices from time to time. I always know if I am in the wrong antique store by looking at how faded the price tags are. If I see numerous items that have been there so long that the price can't be read anymore, I pretty much know I don't need to visit that store again, any time soon. I had a discussion with a dealer at the Charlotte Metrolina show who set up across from me last month. His philosophy was to always "keep it fresh". It was better in his mind to lower his prices to sell something, rather than to have stale merchandise. I think this is good advice. You have a nice blog and I went ahead and joined as a follower.

  2. I know what you mean about the faded price tags! Some of them you can't even read, but the dealer will be nice enough to make up a price on the spot!

    I went to your blog, and it's great. I'm going to add it to my blogroll if you don't mind. I'm also going to send the link to my son who is going to be doing a refinishing job on a dresser--his first ever! He'll appreciate the posts on the parquet table. Thanks for visiting.